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Elon Musk Launches Tesla Into Orbit; Space X’s Falcon Heavy Enters History

Elon Musk Space X History! Since four decades, Buzz Aldrin’s pose on the Moon clicked by Neil Armstrong has remained the most iconic space photo till Tuesday (2/06/2018).

However, at present, special credit to Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy, an iconic replacement has taken place. How? A ‘Starman’ riding the red Tesla Roadster.

Let’s discover and learn more about this iconic event that has left an indelible mark on our minds.

Top 10 Super-Interesting Trivia About Elon Musk’s Space X Launch

  1. On 02/06/2018, Falcon Heavy successfully soared into space from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center at 03:45 PM ET.
  2. Falcon Heavy blasted off from the same launch pad used by 1969 Apollo Mission
  3. Firstly, Falcon Heavy remains the world’s most majestic operational rocket.
  4. Capacity – Falcon Heavy can carry 64 metric tons of weight > 737 jetliner + crew+ luggage + fuel.
  5. The rocket consists of 27 Merlin engines inbuilt with 3 Falcon 9 nine-engine
  6. Space X’s heavy two side boosters successfully flew back to Florida’s Cape Canaveral 8 minutes after takeoff
  7. The Falcon Heavy launched a red convertible Tesla with a mannequin driver “Starman” on space
  8. Car Info – Car’s dashboard read “Don’t Panic”; a name plaque of all Space X employees’; Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation Trilogy”
  9. The Tesla played “Life on Mars” song by David Bowie on space
  10. The mission cost USD 90 million; cheapest man-made rocket for heavy launch.

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