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Bed Bugs
Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have had a history of causing public health epidemic globally but things have changed from the middle of 20th century. It is considered as the biggest traveler around the world and normally seen to be transported via clothing, luggage, furniture and bedding.

The initial thing to do for escaping from bed bugs is to do infestation and thereafter use an integrated pest management approach involving prevention, sanitation, and chemical treatment.  It is vital to ensure that the bed bugs are fought out consistently so as to get the confidence that it can disappear altogether. Some highly effective bed bug spray or sprays can be used to kill bugs.

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How To Kill And Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Some effective methods to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are known to even evade certain pesticides but some bug elimination measures are there and they are:

  • Quickly spotting the bed bugs and instantly reacting are the basics for driving out the bed bug menace
  • How does an individual spot/identify infestation of bed bugs
    • Small bugs or tiny white eggs in the crevices and joints of your mattress and furniture – use a bright torch to check for these
    • Bed bug-bitten spots on his/her skin
    • Presence of black spots on the mattress which most probably could be the faecal matter of bed bugs
    • A mild scatter of bedbug shells is notable since bedbugs shed their skin while they grow
    • A stinky smell sustains in the bedroom
  • The bed can be isolated to get rid of the bedbug infestation. Encasing the bed using box springs and mattresses with any bug/insect impermeable material will prove worthy.
  • Bed bug traps, when placed at the base end of the bed’s legs will be helpful to identify the movement of bugs
  • Decluttering and disposal will help to alleviate the number of bed bugs and its eggs.
  • Complete vacuum cleaning is extremely important to maintain a tidy place as unclean surroundings will attract bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs are killable through applying methods involving both heat and cold. For instance, washing of bed lines and drying it out during high temperatures will give best results.
  • House owners, who continually suffer bed bugs menace should call for the services of a relevant field professional.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Some valuable home remedies that can help in the fight against bed bugs are:

  • Steam Cleaning using high heat can be powerful in killing the bed bug and its laid eggs since they cannot bear the heat level
  • Vacuum cleaning of all things kept in various places of the house – It is best advised to vacuum clean all items right from mattress covers, fabrics, linens etc.
  • Diatomaceous Earth – It is a powder that can be sprayed on all pests, inclusive of bed bugs. It is chemical-free and made from the fossils of aquatic organisms.
  • Apply Baking soda by just sprinkling some at various points in the house that are infested with bedbugs. The bed bugs can be easily killed when they suck the soda because the latter can eat out the moisture from these pests.
  • Cayenne Pepper, Ginger, and Oregano Bed Bug Fighting Spray – This is a good spray that can be prepared at the house and it can easily remove the bed bugs. The power of this spray comes from its spiciness of cayenne and ginger, combined with the strong smell of oregano essential oil that will make the bed bugs suffer to survive
  • Use Tea Tree oil for cleaning – Tea Tree oil can even kill insects like bed bugs apart from being a good antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic. It can kill or suppress the growth of these insects.
  • Have a Lavender/Peppermint oil pesticide spray – Lavender can be an effective tool to fight out the menace of bed bugs. Lavender essential oil is being utilized as a bug repellent for centuries, mainly to preserve clothes and linens from the influx of various insects.
  • Use black walnut tea bags and place it at the key spots in the house where bedbugs will stay. The used black walnut tea bags if placed properly in the infested areas of the house will kill the bugs and its eggs
  • Peppermint leaves – Dry peppermint leaves when crushed and spread across the affected areas in the house will show its positive effects. If this procedure is followed once in a week for some few weeks, the problem of bedbugs will be comprehensively rooted out.

Do It Yourself Controls

There are a series of steps that can be followed by individuals themselves to keep the bed bugs under their control such as:

  • Fix the rooms that are being attacked by bedbugs – The primary place of attack by bed bugs in your bedroom. After this, the normally menacing place of bugs in the living room where it settles for a period of time on sofas and other furniture. There is a gradual spread of intrusion from one room to another and also at other places.
  • Do not discard or throw off your bed – Considering the cost of beds and mattresses and also if you purchase a new set of the same, affliction through bed bugs stays. It is wiser to spend your money on hiring a pest/bug professional to clear the menace.
  • Try to find out a suitable place for sleep without being attacked by these bugs – Frequently changing room/s for sleep will only worsen the bed bug problem. The bed bugs will definitely show its presence in all the rooms.
  • Work out on other areas of the home that need your attention for treatment – In case if you are able to find some affected areas in your house quickly, caused by bed bugs then setting your bed aloof can be undertaken. However, when the bugs have spread across the house, isolation of your bed will not help. You could succeed in this work if:
    • The furniture present in each room must be taken away and categorized into treated and untreated furniture
    • Work out in a systematized manner to treat the cracks and crevices that are present at various points in the room. This is a very crucial exercise because the holes in such cracks can easily give access to the bugs or insects because of their minuscule body. Several bed bugs can hide easily in a bed frame.
    • Utmost care must be taken while cleaning each of the furniture in the house so that the bed bugs problem does not arise in the future. No new furniture for replacement or other items must be brought unless and until after confirming that the old furniture has been completely cleaned.
    • All the items kept in each baggage are thoroughly treated and cleaned. The washable items must be washed in hot water for at least half an hour. Meanwhile, the non-washable items kept in the baggage/s can be placed under direct sunlight when it is a very hot day out. Sunlight can really be very powerful in killing all bugs in just one afternoon.
  • Pick the right insecticides for applying it in the right and safe manner – Some valuable products that will desist bed bugs from accessing your house are:
    • Desiccant dust – Silica aerogel and diatomaceous earth are two low toxicity dust that can effectively destroy all those bugs that come into contact. They will dehydrate the bugs and kill it. A paint brush can be a very helpful device to utilize these dust by applying it on seams and crevices in sofas and mattresses. Soft brushing can be done on baseboards, inside drawers and dressers.
    • Eco Raider and Bed Bug Patrol are noted to be two powerful plant oil-based products for killing bed bugs and its eggs.
    • Low toxicity contact sprays like Bedlam or Sterifab will kill the bedbugs once the latter is in contact with these sprays.
    • Pyrethroid sprays highly aggressive pesticides that can have a long-lasting effect. Mostly, bed bugs can be attacked and folded up by using these sprays. However, pyrethroid sprays must be carefully applied and not when children are present. The instructions given on the label for applying pyrethroids is a must-to-be-followed guide.




While spraying bed bug sprays or pesticide inside the house, an individual must show the highest possible caution to avert problems. Pesticides bearing clear instructions for indoor spraying usage must only be utilized for eliminating the bed bugs. At the time of spraying pesticides, you must ensure that pets or children do not stay in that respective area of the house.

Strictly follow the safety instructions, given on the label. Instructions are directions and should not be treated as suggestions or recommendations.  It is extremely vital for all users to comply with the instructions both from the legal standpoint and to avert major harm to themselves and their family.

Bed Bug Spray At Walmart/Tesco/Lowes/Home Depot

I) Walmart


Walmart has a vast array of insecticides, bed bug sprays and related products. To name a few brands that are extremely efficient in terms of killing the insects/bed bugs:

  • Proof Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer
  • EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray 16 Oz
  • Harris Bed Bug Killer Ready-To-Use Spray
  • EcoRaider EB1RM5001G Bed Bug Killer Spray By EcoRaider 1 Gallon, All-Natural and Non-Toxic
  • Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray Case of 16 Oz x 16 units

II) Tesco


Some of the bed bug sprays sold at Tesco:

  • Buysmart Bed Bug Killer – 750 ml Trigger Spray
  • STV Zero In Bed Bug Killer Spray – 300 ml
  • Protect Bed Bug and Flea Killing Spray 500 ml

III) Lowes


  • Bayer Advanced Bed Bug and Flea Killer 64-fl oz Insect Killer
  • Harris Home Pest Control 128-oz Bed Bug Killer
  • Harris Diatomaceous earth 8-oz Organic Bed Bug Killer
  • Hot Shot Bedbug and Flea 17.5-oz Insect Killer
  • Hot Shot 3-oz Bed Bug Killer

IV) Home Depot


  • Harris Large Bed Bug Kit
  • Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea Killer 1 gal. Ready-to-Use Sprayer
  • EcoRaider 1 Gal. Natural Bed Bug Killer
  • Hygea Natural 1 Gal. Bed Bug Spray Refill
  • Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Trap (2-Pack)

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