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DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga – Life Changing Body Transformation You Will Love !!

Yoga which originated from India are not only popular in Asian countries but also famous throughout the world. Yoga sutras were compiled by Sage Patanjali prior to 400 CE and these sutras were translated into forty languages which are a record.

These sutras were also translated into Arabic and Old Javanese. Indian and Chinese philosophers who traveled widely popularized yoga sutras and poses in western countries and also in other eastern countries.

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Diamond Dallas Page Yoga (DDP Yoga)

DDP yoga is a unique yoga program which was designed by Diamond Dallas Page who was once a world-renowned wrestling champion for athletes who undergo injuries. It is not a traditional yoga but it has traditional movements and breathing techniques.

DDP has won several awards and was officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Eric Bischoff on March 30, 2017.  His original name is Page Joseph Falkenberg and is better known in the world of WWF as Diamond Dallas Page (DDP).  After series of victory and success, DDP suffered from ruptures in his L4/L5 disc during the year 1998.

He quickly learned yoga and its importance from his former wife Kimberly and developed a program namely ‘Yoga for regular guys workout’ or YRG which became extremely popular in the country. His book ‘Yoga for Regular Guys” became an instant international bestseller that contributes important insights about American style version of ‘Ashtanga Style’ yoga.

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DDP Yoga Review

Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) Yoga is a hybrid workout which combines the benefits of yoga, fitness, sports therapy. DDP created this program only for the athletes who suffered injuries during sporting activities. At a later stage, he realized the importance of yoga and recommended this unique yoga program to one and all.

DDP Yoga is gaining popularity all over the world since it simplified complicated poses to a great extent and its significance for weight loss. DDP yoga is creating positive vibes in the country and hundreds of individuals are learning DDP yoga in various ways. Majority of the students who underwent yoga training programs have given high-grade evaluations and ratings.

DDP Yoga Now

Individuals who are looking out for a simple workout plan can join DDP Yoga Now and shed few pounds within a short period of time. It is worth to note that DDP yoga has changed countless lives and still transforms the outlook of obese people. Fat and stout people who are planning to join Weight Loss programs can think of joining DDP Yoga Now which is getting fantastic reviews from the students and the fitness community. People who have not heard about DDP and his workout plans can buy DVD from Amazon by paying nominal prices and watch some of his wonderful yoga poses.

Amazon shopping website is offering best discounts and deal for these world-class DVDs which are getting five-star reviews from the buyers. Sit and watch these yoga workouts and build muscle in a natural manner. Visitors who explore DDP yoga now will get interesting info about the power and importance of yoga which has transformed the lives of millions of obese people.

Youngsters who are planning to burn fat and improve their outlook can watch before and after pictures and videos that are showcased in DDP’s official websites. Injured people who are suffering from lower back pain, knee pain, and other problems should practice DDP yoga daily or regularly.

Pros & Cons of DDP Yoga Workout

Yoga exercises are very simple and anyone irrespective of age and gender can do these exercises under the supervision of trained yoga masters. Athletes who are suffering from sports injuries, individuals who are overweight or obese, students who are suffering from immobility and other commoners who are planning to burn fat can practice DDP yoga.

People who are desirous to burn excess fat can learn DDP after downloading the DVDs from DDP’s official websites or other social media channels like Amazon, Netflix, Apple TVand Youtube. There are pros and cons in DDP yoga and some of the important factors are listed below for the benefits of the reader.


  • It increases flexibility
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Strengthens nervous systems
  • People suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia will benefit a lot when they perform DDP yoga poses.
  • Weightlifters and bodybuilders who are anxious to improve their flexibility and concentration will benefit when they learn DDP yoga pose.
  •  DDP yoga is currently used by football players, wrestlers and those in the sports line.
  • Fitness geeks have to spare only a few minutes for learning and practicing DDP yoga.
  • Anyone can learn yoga within a short period of time and practice in their premises with less supervision.
  • Yoga boosts up the immune system and improves body defense mechanism quickly.
  • Patients or individuals who are obese or suffering from lower back pain, back pain, joint pains and poor reflex will benefit when they do DDP yoga.
  • Individuals who are suffering from cardiac problems, hypertension, diabetes and other minor diseases can do minimum yoga exercises and improve their health condition.


  • Gestating or pregnant women should stay away from yoga classes. These types of carrying women can learn yoga programs exclusively designed for pregnant women elsewhere.
  • Patients who have undergone major surgeries should not do DDP yoga exercises
  • Patients or individuals who are suffering from cancer, serious heart and kidney ailments should not practice yoga.

DDP yoga combines the very best of traditional yoga, old-school calisthenics, sports rehabilitation therapy and dynamic resistance.

DDP Yoga Workout Plan

DDP yoga institute conducts workout plans for beginners and experienced students. Beginners who are new to yoga lessons can register for his 13-week training program. Students will understand the concepts of:

  • Diamond dozen
  • Energy
  • Diamond cutter
  • Fat burner
  • Below the belt
  • Red-hot core

Visitors will get the fullest info about workout plans when they explore his official websites and blogs. Experienced and amateur wrestlers will understand yoga moves, lessons and much more when they learn yoga through DDP. Students can rip-off the fat deposits and gain solid muscles when they get trained through DDP who conducts time-tested yoga sessions throughout the year.

Students can contact the yoga studio and get maximum info about the yoga schedule.

DDP Yoga Results - Before & After

DDP yoga studio which is getting rave reviews from its students, wrestling, and fitness community has trained umpteen numbers of students in the past and still trains tons of students with a positive mindset. Students who underwent professional yoga training in his institute have shared positive reviews and before and after images. People who are carrying pounds of fats on their upper body will shed maximum weight within a short period of time when they undergo weight training sessions here.

DDP Yoga Apps

Mobile users all over the world are downloading DDP yoga apps and exploring the videos and contents that are ingrained in it. This mind-blowing yoga app has transformed millions of lives and is classified as number one fitness app in the world.This fitness app which has received best reviews and five-star ratings from the customers has been featured on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Revolution, HBO’s real sports, The New York Times, The London Times and other major media outlets.

People who are using android phones and other advanced mobile phones can download this DDP yoga app and explore the contents immediately. Try this wonderful product which is categorized as one of best fitness app in the world. Visitors can quickly download from good play store and other popular social networking sites.

DDP yoga apps which are considered as one of the world-class interactive fitness apps cost only a few cents. There are different types of subscriptions like quarterly, half-yearly and annual. Choose the best membership plan that comes with the best pricing.

DDP Yoga Success Stories

Guys who carried beastly figure were able to drop several pounds when they followed the lessons that are taught in DDP yoga studio.

A senior paratrooper who injured his back started gaining weight and faced lots of hardship due to obesity. Everyone except page ditched him away from their fitness studio. How he learned yoga poses systematically from the page and dropped few hundreds of kilos is a fact that is worth to be counted.

Mr. Jared who carried 510 lbs on his body lost 190 lbs within nine months and further lost several pounds within a short period of time. Watch these kinds of positive videos and register in one of his programs. Mr. Page who trained this guy himself was happy with this wonderful transformation. Mr. Jared followed all the instructions and lessons that were taught in Page’s studio and learned the art of losing several kilos. Now he is able to flex his body completely and lead a wonderful life. He thanks page for teaching power-yoga and other diet plans.

Tons of fitness freaks that learned yoga through page have shared their positive experience with the world at large. Visitors will be happy and decide to join in his next training program when they explore these reviews which are nothing but an eye-opener.

These are only samples and hundreds of individuals have shared their positive feedbacks on his official websites and blogs. Explorers of this site will be happy when they read all the blogs and testimonials that are showcased on this site.

Most Popular DDP Yoga Products

Individuals who are learning yoga and fitness exercises can buy lots of yoga products through DDP official website and receive the products immediately.  Some of the most popular DDP yoga products are premium yoga mat, shirts, shoes, yoga mat carrier, posters, backpack and survival bracelet.

DDP Yoga Food List

  • Students who enroll in DDP yoga should follow the diet and nutritional plans that are taught in the classrooms.
  • DDP yoga institute also offers detox programs for its students.
  • Individuals who are overweight or suffering from obesity should not eat junk foods like pizzas, burgers, meaty items and other garnished foods and should resort to foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

DDP advises youngsters and others to eat

People can easily drive away excess fat and maintain ideal height-weight proportion if they consume foods that are less in fats says page. DDP yoga prescribes best eating guide, food list and chart, gluten-free eatables, fat loss diets and liquid diets.

Students who join DDP yoga can use world class equipment that is installed in his studio and learn simple exercises like

  • wake up
  • stand up
  • push-ups,
  • warm up
  • stretches
  • reflex

Wrestlers and other sports personalities who are suffering from poor flexibility, pains, and other muscular problems will be benefitted when they do exercises along with the page.

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