Dating Questions For Girls And Boys

Dating Questions A Girl Should Ask
Dating Questions A Girl Should Ask

At present, most men remain as shy as mice. On the positive side, it usually takes a brave woman to ask a guy out for a concert.

Furthermore, in the process, you discover more about yourself, your potential match, and meet exciting prospects. However, dating, at times becomes tricky. Especially, if you are not sure what to ask and what not to ask.

Keep in mind; you make sure she does not feel like you work for the FBI at any point. These are not the usual questions you often encounter on your regular date.

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10 Dating Questions For Girls

Here, take a look at some of the most happening dating questions women should ask a guy without fail.


1. What childish activity or is the thing you still enjoy doing the most?

Without any doubt, every one person on this Earth carries some behavior or tendency from their childhood. Moreover, when you ask him what he carries, you unravel the passionate side in him.

Besides, he might avoid your question because he probably still loves collecting chocolate wrappers.  This question ensures you get some innocent response.

Overall, you ask him about the entire list of childish things he still does.

2. What stupidest thing do you love doing repeatedly?



You probably might learn about his secret talent. Most of us have something stupid and silly which we like to show off at times. Nonetheless, you kindle his passion and see how he reacts.

3. Which person/s has left an indelible mark on you?


You remain the same person till you die except for the people you have met, and places you have visited.  So, you learn about important people in his life who changed his approach towards life.

4. Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?


Today, most young girls think this question sounds too boring and uninteresting. After all, you cannot continue in a relationship without knowing about your guy’s career goals and plans.

5.  What are your future plans?


Even on a first date, you better don’t feel shy to ask this question. You will learn about his life’s passion and how he plans to achieve them. Moreover, this question unravels the inner realms of his mind.

Perhaps, he wishes to live in a secluded spot far away from the public eye.

Therefore, you better learn the answer to this question before the relationship turns important.

6. Where do you feel most relaxed?


With this question, you learn more about your partner’s attitude. Above all, a woman knows whether her date remains high-strung or not. If you and your partner can relax anywhere, then you carry on. If not, you better remain careful.

7. Do you have any nicknames?


A great way to unwind yourself. This question helps you unearth something unique about your partner. Equally important, if he mentions his nickname, you better mention yours.

8. Have you ever suffered a broken heart?


In the first place, a guy reacts differently when confronted with this question. Every woman should remember that the more defensive or attractive the person looks, he will probably say “No”. But, on the other hand, a vast majority of guys will reveal their hearts.

Therefore, these questions reveal a guy’s humility.

9. Do you have the habit of making your bed?


This question can somehow help women know how much credibility a guy places on tidiness and order.  It also reveals details about a guy’s routine.

10. What can you say about tipping?


According to a marriage expert,  guys who generously offer tips tend to behave more understandingly in a relationship. Therefore, girls, are you listening?

10 Dating Questions For Boys

Here, we have suggested some interesting personal questions to ask during a dating session.

10 Dynamic Questions You Should Not Miss

1. What do you find most attractive in a guy?


You see, when a woman reveals her mind about a guy, you can stop guessing. You know what, girls normally prefer hot guys for flings.

Of course, girls normally prefer sensible-looking guys for long-term relationships.

2. Do you have any hidden talent?


Especially, girls love talking about things secretive in nature. Presented with the right body language, this question will help you understand her from a different angle.

Not to mention, girls like bragging about themselves nonstop.  So, you drop this question at the right time.

3. Which is your favorite dream holiday? Where do you like to travel often?


With this question, you will know whether you and your date share the same desire. Moreover, you create a favorable impression. How? You easily win over her heart as she would believe that you care for her.

4. If you get a chance to jump into an ocean of anything, what would you choose?


We all learn to live with unfulfilled passion. Nevertheless, you might learn something new about a woman’s unfulfilled passion.

Perhaps, she desires an ocean full of chocolate. In this way, she reveals her passion which makes it simply easy for you to connect and relate.

5. What do you do on the weekends?


With this question, you’ll find more about your dates’ hobbies. At the same time, you will gather details about all the activities your girl loves. As a result, you can learn more about potential dates.

6. What’s the latest concert you enjoyed?


Most of the time, the music topic makes the situation light and fun. Not to mention, most women prefer guys who like music because women enjoy music.

So, when you talk about music, it creates a positive vibe between you and your partner. Additionally, you will get a reason to take her to your place and enjoy the evening.

7. Can you tell me about your most romantic relationship? Why did it end?


In this way, you’ll decipher what did not and what worked in the most exciting romantic relationship she fondly remembers. This question will give you details regarding how to treat her in a dignified manner.

8. What makes you laugh nonstop?


Irrespective of the situation, you can lighten the mood with this question. In addition, she will reflect on memorable funny moments that happened in her life. Accordingly, you plan your next move with care.

9. Do you have anything (picture/scrapbook/greeting card/dress etc.) which you treasure the most?


Another key point, you open her up a little bit more with this question. Moreover, you can hear something which she usually does not share even with her close friends. In return, you get a golden opportunity to narrate something special and nice about you.

Therefore, you create a nice personal ambiance and learn more about your date.

10. What made you join in your current job or your career? Is this your ambition?


In the first place, most guys fail to understand why a girl chooses a particular career or a job. Not to mention, this question acts as a pattern breaker. It dives deep behind small talk and polite conversation.

Is Curiosity The Main X-Factor For A Successful Date?

No doubt here any dating appointment can turn into a comical nightmare. First things first, you might agree that it’s pretty maddening to ask someone out you are unfamiliar with. Moreover, dates are designed to become a precursor to a long-lasting relationship.

As a matter of fact, dates, unintentionally, look like a mini-interview smoothly masked as social outings. For that reason, you prepare well-in-advance how and what questions to ask your date. However, you better keep the romantic flame strongly burning right through the conversation.

How to Avoid a Dating Failure?

Believe it, friends, successful dating depends on taking small baby steps one at a time.

You should know:

  • First, you start dating for a while and enlighten your date regarding what you require. With an open mind, you assess whether they can meet your goals or not.
  • Evaluate your potential partner’s ability to remain a valuable partner.
  • Search and attract future partners.
  • Before starting a relationship, you decide how much you can give and what you expect from a relationship.

The One Most Wanted Dating Trait for a Successful Relationship – Curiosity

If we could manage to pick one ‘X-factor’ to look for, then it should definitely be their curiosity factor. Fortunately, you heard it right.

Why Curious Dates Remain Good Partners?

  • Sleep on it. If you need a casual flirtatious relationship, then you better avoid a person who hates curiosity. Obviously, this relationship will turn boring from day one.
  • A non-curious person will avoid respecting your feel-good factor, your dreams, and your passion.
  • They would avoid enquiring about preferences, tastes, and needs.
  • Moreover, you and your partner are not going to see face-to-face and simply just compete and argue.
  • On the other hand, you cannot get emotionally intimate with your partner.
  • Therefore, you better learn to ask some critical questions very early on dating and save time on a useless relationship.

Is Love At First Sight Possible And Real?

Yeah !!! People often vouch for it.

Is it really possible – “Falling in love-at-first-sight?”. Moreover, do individuals really meet and within a few moments find they are made for each other?

If you believe in personal testaments, then the concept of “love at first sight” looks real. Prince Harry said he exactly knew Meghan was the right girl for him when they first met.

In other words, two unknown persons glance at each other, sparks fly, and they never look back.

Let’s discuss the concept of “love-at-first-sight” from a scientific and empirical point of view.

Is There Any Compelling Scientific Proof To Support “Love At First Sight”?

Firstly, nowhere in the world, no other emotion has gained such gargantuan importance as love. Moreover, researchers from the Netherlands claim that they have found evidence that proves love at first sight actually exists.

The research team nearly asked 400 women and men and the results are discussed below. With a direct empirical approach towards “Love At First Sight”, scientists claim

1. Yes, Electric Sparks Do Fly


 As a matter of fact, people actually experience “Love-At-First-Sight” in the very instant they bump into someone. On the contrary, love-at-first-sight indicates a powerful initial attraction that could blossom into a relationship.

However, you better understand that all cases of love at first sight, may not actually sound true.

2. The Hourglass Shape


Researchers found that unknown persons were susceptible to fall in love at first sight very frequently with physically attractive persons.

For example, they found that in all likelihood people rate attractiveness much higher in any love-at-first-sight magic.

3. Eves Are Smart


Uniquely, this response begs for more research and attention. In other words, women report less love-at-first-sight because they are extremely selective.

On the other hand, men usually report this kind of an experience with multiple likely partners.

4. But Is it Really Love?


Firstly, the most important qualities such as passion, commitment, and intimacy are absent in “love-at-first-sight” moments.

In contrast, this experience opens the door for further intimacy to a wide extent than normal first meetings.

5. Who Cares About Mutual Compatability?


Not to mention, studies reveal that mutual compatibility remains absent since it’s usually a one-sided affair. Nevertheless, researchers suggest that one person’s strong initial experience can make the opposite person believe.

6. Why Are Women Always Attracted Towards Bad-Boy?


In the first place, bad boy- good girl syndrome invariably concludes in hapless broken hearts. Of course, women get attracted to bad guys because of the presence of strong primal instincts.

Furthermore, women strongly believe bad guys safeguard them.

7. Role of Ancestry and Love-At-First-Sight


In general, the perception of falling in love-at-first-sight gains perpetual significance to the romantic. Likewise, men’s pull towards women underlines more strongly their physical attraction. In fact, attractiveness plays a crucial role in deciding whether men get attracted to women or not.

In conclusion, ancestral traits seldom played any role in attracting partners.

8. Love in 0.5 seconds


When people usually remark love looks complicated, they are perfectly right. In a study, scientists observed that the brain simultaneously releases chemicals that invokes love feelings as fast as 0.5 seconds of visible sight.

The main chemicals associated with love, in general, are vasopressin, adrenaline, oxytocin, and dopamine.

9. Romantic wisdom and romantic passion


According to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night – “Whoever loves, loves at first sight”. In essence, romantic wisdom travels well beyond sheer romantic passion because it consists of a materialistic dimension.

Furthermore, romantic wisdom contains shared activities that ultimately fulfill the essential needs of the persons in love. Therefore, a short duration of romantic desire may remain more strong than a longer session of love.

10. “Love at first sight” does not mean Shallow Love


In other words, love-at-first-sight means intense love. Moreover, the magnetic attractiveness touches you like a fire spark which forces you to extend the time with your interest.

On the contrary, love-at-first-sight cannot be labeled as shallow because there is no time for romantic wisdom. Shallowness may come into the picture when the ultimate feeling fails, but not when it just starts.

Final Words

“Did You See Me Walk Past You or Should I do it Again”? – Unknown

Overall, love-at-first-sight cannot be labeled as a mere sexual pull. In other words, it’s a strong episode of love that can in due course of time turn into intense romantic love.

However, the prospect of this love spark developing into a serious relationship depends on the personalities of the individual involved.

Fool-Proof & Confident First Date Questions

Modern-day dating looks much more difficult than it appears. Possibly, a kind of a herculean task than ever in modern history.

With countless dating apps around the corner, why dating appears increasingly difficult? Well, at present, you can find, meet, and talk to anyone of your choice with ease. As a result, you miss the real charm of connecting with people.

No matter what, every dating experience produces a flurry of anxiety and excitement. Furthermore, dating gives nervous creeps for many. Will I succeed? Will I win over his/her heart? What if the chemistry fails? What if there is nothing to say?

Moreover, whether you met through friends or online there are heaps of things you are not aware of your date. There are limitless questions that can topple you down.

Luckily, you can start a meaningful conversation with anyone on this planet with these first date questions. With these gripping questions, your treasure hunt for true love looks promising.

Childhood Memories


  • Where did you actually grow up?
  • What were you as a kid?
  • Have you got into any trouble while in school? How about your family?
  • How many close friends you have? Where did you meet them?
  • At what age did you spend the best days of your childhood?
  • Would you love to go back?
  • What sport did you play as a kid?
  • What instrument did you learn as a kid?



  • What you normally do on holidays or weekends?
  • Where did you go last weekend?
  • Have you got any dream trips?
  • Can you teach me any special skills which you like the most?
  • Is there anything that you really wanted to do for some time now?
  • What’s your X-factor?



  • Are you close to your dad? ( Guys to girls) Does your family live nearby?
  • Are you close to your mom? (Girls to guys) Where are they put up?
  • How did your mom and dad meet?
  • Where did they grow up?
  • Do you celebrate any special family tradition?
  • Whom do you look up to in your family?
  • Describe your favorite family holiday trip to date.
  • Which family member you like the most? Why?



  • How did you start your career?
  • Have you had any mentors so far?
  • Have you changed your career paths?
  • Where did you study? What’s your major?
  • How do you rate your co-workers and boss?
  • Have you actually reached your career goals?
  • Are you really happy doing what you do now?



  • What made you choose me as your date?
  • Are you a novice or pro when it comes to dating?
  • Which dating relationship you cherish the most?
  • Do you date frequently?
  • Can you share any dating comedy stories?
  • Have you ever succeeded in dating online?
  • Where did you go for your last date?
  • How about your friends? Are they married, dating, or single?

Spontaneous Questions


  • Are you a tea or a coffee lover?
  • Do you enjoy cooking? What’s your favorite food?
  • What you last googled?
  • Have you got any tattoos?
  • What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
  • Can you tell any joke you relished a lot?
  • Which restaurant you frequently visit?
  • Which drink you like the most?
  • How much time do you spend on social media daily?

Dating Tips


  • Finally, these dating questions help you keep going, settle into the mood, and break the ice.
  • Moreover, you better answer all your date’s questions.
  • You can ask some of these questions when you sight a lucid
  • Remember, you are not attending any job interview. Take it slow and easy.
  • Of course, if you notice your date getting jittery when you ask about family, skip the topic.
  • The next time when you are meeting your date, concentrate on two or three of these listed dating questions.

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