10 Foolproof First Date Questions A Guy Should Never Fail To Ask A Girl

Dating Questions A Guy Should Ask
Dating Questions A Guy Should Ask A Girl

Keep in mind; you make sure she does not feel like you work for the FBI at any point. These are not the usual questions you often encounter on your regular date.

Here, we have suggested some interesting personal questions to ask during a dating session.

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10 Dynamic Questions You Should Not Miss

1. What do you find most attractive in a guy?


You see, when a woman reveals her mind about a guy, you can stop guessing. You know what, girls normally prefer hot guys for flings. Of course, girls normally prefer sensible looking guys for long-term relationships.

2. Do you have any hidden talent?


Especially, girls love talking about things secretive in nature. Presented with the right body language, this question will help you understand her from a different angle. Not to mention, girls like bragging about themselves nonstop.  So, you drop this question at the right time.

3. Which is your favourite dream holiday? Where do you like to travel often?


With this question, you will know whether you and your date share the same desire. Moreover, you create a favourable impression. How? You easily win over her heart as she would believe that you care for her.

4. If you get a chance to jump into an ocean of anything, what would you choose?


We all learn to live with unfulfilled passion. Nevertheless, you might learn something new about a woman’s unfulfilled passion. Perhaps, she desires an ocean full of chocolate. In this way, she reveals her passion which makes it simply easy for you to connect and relate.

5. What do you do on the weekends?


With this question, you’ll find more about your dates’ hobbies. At the same time, you will gather details about all the activities your girl loves. As a result, you can learn more about potential dates.

6. What’s the latest concert you enjoyed?


Most of the time, the music topic makes the situation light and fun. Not to mention, most women prefer guys who like music because women enjoy music. So, when you talk about music, it creates a positive vibe between you and your partner.
Additionally, you will get a reason to take her to your place and enjoy the evening.

7. Can you tell about your most romantic relationship? Why did it end?


In this way, you’ll decipher what did not and what worked in the most exciting romantic relationship she fondly remembers. This question will give you details regarding how to treat her in a dignified manner.

8. What makes you laugh nonstop?


Irrespective of the situation, you can lighten the mood with this question. In addition, she will reflect on memorable funny moments that happened in her life. Accordingly, you plan your next move with care.

9. Do you have anything (picture/scrapbook/greeting card/dress etc.) which you treasure the most?


Another key point, you open her up a little bit more with this question. Moreover, you can hear something which she usually does not share even with her close friends. In return, you get a golden opportunity to narrate something special and nice about you.

Therefore, you create a nice personal ambience and learn more about your date.

10. What made you join in your current job or your career? Is this your ambition?


In the first place, most guys fail to understand why a girl chooses a particular career or a job. Not to mention, this question acts as pattern breaker. It dives deep behind small talk and polite conversation.

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