10 Monopolizing Dating Questions A Girl Should Never Fail To Ask A Guy

Dating Questions A Girl Should Ask
Dating Questions A Girl Should Ask

At present, most men remain as shy as mice. On the positive side, it usually takes a brave woman to ask a guy out for a concert.

Furthermore, in the process, you discover more about yourself, your potential match, and meet exciting prospects. However, dating, at times become tricky. Especially, if you are not sure what to ask and what not to ask.

Here, take a look at some of the most happening dating questions women should ask a guy without fail.

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10 Dating Questions You Should Not Miss - Need You Ask!

1. What childish activity or thing you still enjoy doing the most?

Without any doubt, every one person on this Earth carries some behaviour or tendency from their childhood. Moreover, when you ask him what he carries, you unravel the passionate side in him. Besides, he might avoid your question because he probably still loves collecting chocolate wrappers.  This question ensures you get some innocent response.

Overall, you ask him about the entire list of childish thing he still does.

2. What stupidest thing do you love doing repeatedly?



You probably might learn about his secret talent. Most of us have something stupid and silly which we like to show off at times. Nonetheless, you kindle his passion and see how he reacts.

3. Which person/s have left an indelible mark on you?


You remain the same person till you die except for the people you have met, and places you have visited.  So, you learn about important people in his life who changed his approach towards life.

4. Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?


Today, most young girls think this question sounds too boring and uninteresting. After all, you cannot continue in a relationship without knowing about your guy’s career goals and plans.

5.  What are your future plans?


Even on a first date, you better don’t feel shy to ask this question. You will learn about his life’s passion and how he plans to achieve them. Moreover, this question unravels the inner realms of his mind.

Perhaps, he wishes to live in a secluded spot far away from the public eye.

Therefore, you better learn the answer to this question before the relationship turns important.

6. Where do you feel most relaxed?


With this question, you learn more about your partner’s attitude. Above all, a woman knows whether her date remains high-strung or not. If you and your partner can relax anywhere, then you carry on. If not, you better remain careful.

7. Do you have any nickname?


A great way to unwind yourself. This question helps you unearth something unique about your partner. Equally important, if he mentions his nickname, you better mention yours.

8. Have you ever suffered a broken heart?


In the first place, a guy reacts differently when confronted with this question. Every woman should remember that more defensive or attractive the person looks, he will probably say “No”. But, on the other hand, a vast majority of guys will reveal their heart.

Therefore, this questions reveals a guy’s humility.

9. Do you have the habit of making your bed?


This question can somehow help women know how much credibility a guy places on tidiness and order.  It also reveals details about a guy’s routine.

10. What can you say about tipping?


According to a marriage expert,  guys who generously offer tips tend to behave more understandingly in a relationship. Therefore, girls, are you listening?

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