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Is Chocolate A Healthy Food?

Ecstasy showed by people after seeing chocolates and telling “Wow!!!” still seems to persist, globally. Majorly, it is noticeable that kids and youth population in every country express inordinate love for chocolates. Mesoamerica is the place of origin for chocolates. The most noteworthy point to discuss or analyze is, “Is chocolate a healthy food?”  Hence, we need to delve into the pros and cons of consuming chocolates, to get real clarity.
Chocolate – A Healthy Food or not?

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Merits of Consuming Chocolates

It is a known fact that chocolates are globally accepted for their pleasing taste by the masses. However, it should never be forgotten that it possesses various other meritorious qualities in improving human health, like:


  • Chocolates help in decreasing the blood pressure levels in our body
  • Maintains our body cholesterol levels in a balanced state
  • Capable of alleviating the heart disease risk since it contains antioxidant compounds like flavonoid and gallic acid
  • Noted to be an effective inhibitor of diseases such as stroke
  • Generates antioxidants in Your body, which will be helpful in averting premature ageing.
  • It will avert the clustering of blood platelets, which will cause blood clots.
  • The flavonol compound in chocolates prohibits clogging of the arteries
  • If a person eats superior quality dark chocolate regularly, it will do good for his/her body and mind. Dark chocolate also helps to avoid weight gain.
  • The flavonols present in chocolates improve the cognitive ability of people
  • Chocolate also plays its valuable part in improving our digestion
  • According to a scientific research in Spain, chocolate is a good food that will consolidate our immune system
  • Chocolates possess certain chemicals that are good for pregnant ladies and the child in their womb
  • According to some research finding, chocolates will promote higher insulin sensitivity amongst people, who eat it. Hence, this could alleviate the risk of diabetes in those people.
  • Chocolate plays a vital role in largely decreasing the stress hormone level and get rid of the metabolic impact due to stress.
  • Flavonoid compounds combined with the cocoa product present in a chocolate will provide relief from diarrhoea. This is possible since the two components control the secretion of fluids in the small intestine.
  • According to some researchers, the flavonoids present in a dark chocolate will engage in:
    • Absorption of UV light
    • Improvement of skin texture
    • Escalation of blood flow to the skin
    • Enhancement of skin hydration

Effects Of Chocolate On The Brain

  • Some latest research states that chocolates will delay the weakness in nervous activities, which happens with the ageing process.
  • Increase the smooth flow of blood to the brain. People who consume chocolates are noted to be dynamic.
  • Chocolate is noted to be a mood changer, which means a positive change like becoming calm or happy. Endorphins, a chemical in the brain will provide the feelings of pleasure within individuals, who consume a chocolate.
  • Contains theobromine, an alkaloid that is useful for stopping coughs by controlling the vagus nerve, present in the brain. Vagus nerve stimulates highly irritating coughs.

Bad Effects Of Chocolate


  • The high amount of calories – Contain high calorific value and people who consume even a moderate amount will be prone to weight gain.
  • The high amount of sugar – The excess level of sugar present will pose the risk of diabetes. However, the sugar level differs from each chocolate. Chocolates which have a minimum of 70%-75% cocoa must only be taken and that too in moderate amount. It has generally complained that the sugar content in the chocolate lacks any basic nutrients but only contributes to the calorie count.
  • The high amount of fat – It is usually stated that chocolates possess a high amount of fat. Fat carries many calories when compared with proteins and carbohydrates. Higher saturated fat consumption will only induce health hazards like Type 2 diabetes and heart attack.
  • The high amount of caffeine – The quantum of caffeine present in chocolates differs based on the chocolate variety. Usually, chocolates containing higher caffeine percentage are known to cause health problems like insomnia, high blood pressure, stress, dehydration and concentration difficulties.
  • Triggers a migraine headache – People who get addicted to consumption of chocolates will not just boost their sugar levels but also develop the risk of getting frequent headaches. Most specifically, dark chocolates contain a chemical called tyramine, that will cause frequent migraine attacks.
  • Formation of kidney stones – Chocolates contain oxalates, an organic compound that is toxic to the kidneys and causes stone formation. So, people with prior complaints of kidney stone and those who remain highly prone to this disorder should avoid eating this food.


After a thorough research, it is clearly mentionable that chocolates carry phenomenal benefits for its consumers. The problem/s that arise due to chocolate consumption is very minimal and it is easily avoidable. Undoubtedly, chocolate is a healthy food but it should be consumed in moderate amounts. Generally, this is a statement that applies to all kinds of foods.

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