Can Your Blood Group Reveal Your Soulmate?

Blood Group

“Blood is thicker than water” is a popular saying which stresses the value of family relationships or bonding. But is it possible to deduct a person’s personality just by looking at their blood groups alone?

The answer is yes. In many East Asian countries including Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, an individual’s ABO blood group(a system used to indicate the presence of neither, both, or one of the B and A erythrocytes or antigens) is used as an indicator to determine a person’s compatibility, temperament, and personality with others.

The idea that a person’s personality and blood groups are related is an ongoing debate since the time of Aristotle and Hippocrates.

In The Article

Blood Group - “Splendid” A


a-blood-group Population Statistics40% , (A –ve = 6%; A +ve = 34%)
likeable-characteristics Likeable characteristics• Cautious and responsible
• Patient
• Sensible
• Reserved
• Earnest
• Cool and Calm
• Shows presence of mind
• Coherent character but stubborn
• Fair-player in any situation
unlikeable-characteristics Unlikable characteristics• Pessimistic
• Obsessive
• Mischievous
• Tense
• Stubborn
• Proud
• Over- earnest
• Fastidious
• Nurture secret thoughts
• Uptight
• Self-conscious
recommended-diet Recommended Diet• Dairy products, vegetables, fruits, cereals, Beans, legumes.
• Avoid meat; red meat or any meat
health-advice Health Advice• Perform meditation and yoga
• Restrict intense workouts
• Susceptible to alcohol; be careful
• Can suffer from diabetes, cancer, or heart disease
share-your-blood-with You share this blood group with • Britney Spears, O.J Simpson, Adolf Hitler,
Rick James, Jet Li, Richard Nixon,
Lyndon B. Johnson, George H.W. Bush


Blood Group - “I-am-the-king attitude” AB


ab-blood-group Population Statistics5% (AB –ve = 1%; AB +ve = 4%)
likeable-characteristics Likeable characteristics• Creative
• Outgoing
• Diplomatic
• Sympathetic
• Easy going
• Sociable
• Efficient at spotting problems
• Harmonious
• Adaptable and intelligent
• Rational
unlikeable-characteristics Unlikable characteristics• Aloof
• Unforgiving
• Indecisive
• Critical
• Easily lost in thought type
• Exhibit 2 types of traits like Jekyll and Hyde
recommended-diet Recommended Diet• Best suited for moderate diet
• Wheat free grains, soy, dairy, and fresh fish
• Can eat meat in moderation
health-advice Health AdvicePractice Qi gong, meditation or yoga
Light to moderate aerobic exercises
Avoid alcohol intake
Guard against heart disease, diabetes etc.
share-your-blood-with You share this blood group with • Barack Obama, Jackie Chan, Thomas Alva Edison, Mick Jagger, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy

Blood Group - “Robust” B


b-blood-group Population Statistics11% (B –ve = 2%; B +ve = 9%)
likeable-characteristics Likeable Characteristics• Kind
• Sensitive
• Active
• Optimistic
• Cheerful
• Inquisitive
• Strong drive to succeed
• Friendly and optimistic
• Animal-loving
• Passionate
• Creative
• Active
unlikeable-characteristics Unlikable Characteristics• Going own way or self-centered
• Unreliable
• Impatient
• Lazy
• Selfish
• Forgetful
• Irresponsible
recommended-diet Recommended Diet• Meat in moderation
• Beans, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products
health-advice Health Advice• Avoid chicken completely
• Guard yourself against Lou Gehrig’s disease, lupus, polio.
• Susceptible to urinary tract and bladder infections
• Prone to viral infections and low immunity resistance
• Keep your spirit, body, and active to remain healthy
share-your-blood-with You share your blood group with • Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Vince Young, Paul McCartney, Mia Farrow, Tom Selleck, Luciano Pavarotti

Blood Group – “Magnetic” O


o-blood-group Population Statistics44% (O –ve = 6%; O +ve = 38%)
likeable-characteristics Likeable Characteristics• Risk Takers
• Independent
• Positive
• Generalist
• Realist
• Frank
• Extrovert
• Energetic
• Sociable
• Dedicated
• Proud
• Strong-willed
• Confident
• Athletic and competitive
• Agreeable
• Intuitive
• Strong willed
• Ambitious
unlikeable-characteristics Unlikable Characteristics• Self-centered
• Stubborn
• Insecure
• Dislikes taking orders
• Flighty
• Arrogant
• Ruthless and envious
• Aggressive
• Cold
• Spiteful
• Unpredictable
recommended-diet Recommended DietLegumes, grains, lean red meats
health-advice Health Advice• Limit dairy products
• Avoid wheat items
• Susceptible to thyroid, arthritis, digestive
• Intense exercise regime recommended
share-your-blood-with You share your blood group with• Queen Elizabeth, Al Capone, Prince Charles, Elvis Presley

Blood Group Compatibility Checker

The compatibility match between different blood groups is similar in appeal to blood group personality assessment. So, what are you waiting for?

a-and-a A type is a very sensitive blood group. This combination can generate affection and empathy but tension can build up anytime between them.
a-and-ab This relationship depends on give and take between them. A type persons might find it difficult to move freely with B dominating AB persons. If the A personality in AB gains more prominence, this one will have a happy progress.
a-and-b Type B will feel awkward with A’s doting nature. Type A will find B’s take it easy nature So, a cautious relationship is only possible.
a-and-o O and A persons have a vast difference in their traits. O is not overly sensitive while A is. They both can handle the differences in their personalities elegantly.
ab-and-ab This one is a kind of intense relationship. Since this blood group type is rare, a strong affection and connection between the two are They can understand and negotiate each other personally very well.
b-and-ab AB stresses more importance for privacy while B takes their own time. This relationship can survive and go strong as long as both of them respect their individuality.
b-and-b If both the partners are ready to be flexible in their approach, this will remain as one of the best examples of friendship.
o-and-ab O blood group individual possesses strong character, honesty, and straightforwardness. AB persons are a bit more complex to deal with. The resilient nature of O type will help them to forge a strong bond with AB persons.
o-and-b B’s freewheeling personality and O’s patience can make a terrific combination.
o-and-o Since both are honest and straightforward, their relationship might suffer due to an ego clash.


Blood Group Match for Successful Dating and Marriage

A famous marriage agency in Japan gathered data to reveal which two blood groups are bound to succeed in any long-term relationships.

The result is

Ranking Match
1A type female and O type male
2A type female and A type male
3B type female and O type male

In essence, blood groups and character traits are in discussion for almost a century. The excitement of knowing one’s blood group traits and their compatible partner will not die down anytime soon.

Japanese and Blood Groups Personalities

According to popular Japanese beliefs, both genetics and biology play a crucial role in deciding an individual’s personality. More than 90% Japanese have a clear-cut knowledge about their blood groups and for decades the practice of blood group assessment is going on in Japan. The areas of application include marketing consumer products, dating services for marriage etc., and also in candidate assessment in a job interview.

Who Popularized Blood Group Personality System?


Takeji Furukawa, a professor, in 1927, started this belief in a sequence of books and articles. The tradition slowed down after his passing in the 40s and but it soon got revived in the 70s. Masahiko Nomi, a journalist, revived this blood group personality belief in the 1970s with a series of books. All his books were sell-outs, taking the old belief to new heights.

Blood Groups and Personality

There are primarily four types of blood groups- B, AB, A, and O. The blood group “A” is the most common one in Japan. As a matter of fact, around 74% of Japanese share “A” blood group. According to Furukawa Takeji, a Japanese psychologist/scientist, certain blood groups share certain common personality characters. However, lack of scientific evidence has diminished the popularity of this belief.

Now, let us take a look at the blood groups and their related personalities. Hope you all have fun and by the way, what is your blood group mate?

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