10 Amazing Facts & Traits About Brittany – The Athletic & Intelligent Hunting Dog

Brittany - Athletic Hunting Dog
Brittany - Athletic Hunting Dog

Breed Information

The Brittany; a class of gun-dog mainly bred for hunting birds is every hunter’s best friend. Even though they share common traits with that of a setter or a pointer, the Brittany is not normally mentioned as a dog belonging to spaniel breed.

Although they were earlier known as Brittany Spaniels, the name “spaniel” was removed from this dog breed title in the year 1982. The Brittany has become one of the most sought after hunting/companion dog which works very closely around the hunter than any other pointing dog breeds.

The Brittanys are highly energetic cute dog breed which has garnered more fan following in recent times worldwide.

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Size and Weight

The males and females weigh 31- 40 lbs respectively while males can reach a height of 18.5 to 20 inches and females, 18 – 20 inches.


The average lifespan of a healthy Brittany dog is normally between 14 – 16 years.


  • Astonishingly smart and intelligent, Brittany dog is an ideal family companion and does not like to sit alone even for a brief period.
  • Not like pit bulls, Brittany dogs do not respond supportively to any kind of harsh training or treatment, a mild approach is recommended.
  • Moreover, Brittany dog’s athleticism and intense energy levels project him as the best obedient field trial dog in recent history.
  • Their quick thinking skills combined with their agility makes Brittany a super hunting dog.
  • Normally, Brittanys are alert and happy. Just like any other pointing dog breed, the Brittany is independent and curious in nature. They are always keen to please people around them.
  • When Brittanys are hunting, their single-minded devotion definitely warrants some appreciation. They are completely focused on the prey birds.
  • While training a Brittany it is necessary to opt for a consistent schedule combined with positive reinforcements in the form of appreciation and treats.
  • Since Brittanys are intelligent and overactive, they require tons and tons of mental stimulation and exercises on a daily basis. Especially, harsh treatments do not work well with this dog breed.

Health Issues

The Brittany is normally a healthy dog breed but like other remaining dog breeds, they too are prone to various health issues.

In case of Brittanys, it is crucial to check for these certifications or clearance before buying or adopting a Brittany puppy –

  • Eye certificate from CERF- Canine Eye Registry Foundation
  • Thrombopathia certification from the University of Auburn
  • OFA, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals clearing these conditions-
  • Von Willebrand’s Illness
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Hip Dysplasia

The common health issues include



Thyroid gland, in certain cases, produces or secretes hormone in a very low-rate, way below normal healthy rate, and this condition is usually referred to as hypothyroidism.

Some of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism are

  • Untimely heat cycles
  • Low levels of energy
  • Eyelids drooping on a frequent basis
  • Mentally dull
  • Obesity
  • Fur becoming brittle and coarse and the skin growing dark and tough.



Dogs prone to epilepsy suffer from severe or mild seizures. Seizures can also pass via genes, and other known causes are heavy head injuries, exposure to harmful chemicals like poison, and any sort of infectious disease that affects the tumors or brain and another type of metabolic disorders.

◊ Watch out for unfamiliar behavior like hiding, staggering, and running frantically without any reason and this could be the indication of this disorder.
◊ Idiopathic epilepsy is those type of seizure whose root cause remains unknown.
◊ There are no complete cures for this disorder but most of the dogs are known to live long with continuous treatment.
◊ A regular checkup with the vet is the only option to save the dog from any major future health dilemma.

Hip Dysplasia 


A hip deformity; causes known to aggravate or trigger this condition can range from food to environmental factors. A vet evaluation can reveal more details and can ensure better treatment if diagnosed early.


Brittany dogs are active and agile and they normally require around 1.5 – 2 bowls of good quality dry food daily, divided into 2 servings a day.

Some of the best quality Brittany dog foods are

Breeders / Adoption Centers

Interesting Facts

  • Became popular in the United States after the Second World War, they are ideal for hunting cum sports activities.
  • Named after the French region they initially originated, Brittany dogs are highly astute and clever.
  • Remember, Brittany dogs can turn destructive or neurotic since highly active dogs like them need more than just a walk in the park.
  • They are found in a lot of color combinations such White and Orange, White and Black, White and Liver, Tri-color, Roan, and Piebald.
  • Brittany dog’s entered America only after 1913 but after that gained immense popularity.
  • Even today, it is very rare to find pitch black Brittany dog in Canada or America.
  • As of now, it is ranked at the 31st position among 155 AKC registered breeds.

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