Best Vape Pen – How to Select Vaporizer Pens?

How to Select Best Vape Pen?

Looking for that perfect and best vape pens? Considered by many as the “Nicotine World’s Harmless Alcopops”, vaping is the new innocent gateway for real nicotine smokers.

What is a Vaporizer Pen?

It is a nifty handy little smoking device and they come in various sizes ranging from a large cigar to a normal pen where the user inhales glycerin (vegetable) or propylene glycol depending on the type of pen.

Different Types of Vapes & e-cigarettes for Vapers Choice

Types of e-cigarettes for every Vaper – Remember, there are tons and tons of vape pens available in the market and they are broadly classified based on the ingredients used for inhaling purpose.

◊ E-Liquid Vaporizer Pens –These pens normally use food flavoring agents, common solvents or nicotine as e-juice components.The Atomizer present in the pens converts them into vapor as soon the pen is switched on.

◊ Three-in-one Vaporizer Pens – They are an advanced version of normal Vape Pens where the cartridge is changeable.They can process oils and waxes, dry herbs, and as well as e-juice for an unusual smoking experience. Herbs waxes can also be used with this type of vape pens.

◊ Oil and Wax Vaporizer Pens – Mainly used to vaporize waxes and concentrates and their working methodology is similar to Vape Pens that process e-juice. Wicks and tanks are absent in these pens and as a result, the coil plays the major role in absorbing the concentrate directly. Wax pens or normal Vaporizer pens are mainly used for e-solids and waxy concentrates. Nowadays, wax pens perform more technologically advanced functions in addition to being more compact.

Vape pen manufacturers have managed to develop good quality best wax pens that pack a big punch in a small device. Wax pens effortlessly accommodate the latest modern lifestyle. Definitely much more powerful and compact than ordinary rigs, wax pens, by and large, provide the best vaping experience.

◊ Dry Herb Vaporizer Pens – The chamber is filled with the herb of your choice and the very minute the pen is switched on, the temperature or heat inside the pen is maintained at an optimum level ranging from a minute up to five minutes in duration.

Is Vaping dangerous?

It is estimated that more than 10 % of adult Americans now vape. According to industry experts, vaping business is set to touch a whopping USD 5 billion anytime soon.

Even though medical experts mention that extensive research is yet to commence in this regard, but some of the common problems discussed by the medical fraternity at large are-

  • E-Cigarettes also release an equal amount of toxins similar to tobacco, which can severely damage immune as well as pulmonary systems.
  • W.H.O is batting for a blanket ban on indoor vaping parlors as they fear even silent bystanders set to get affected due to the release of harmful gases during vaping.
  • Many vapers feel that the idea of exhaling vape smoke is highly cool and iconic, thereby encouraging more and more teenage Americans to take up vaping.

How to Select The BEST Vape Pen?

◊ Pen Battery – What kind of pen battery are you looking for in your vaporizer pen? A one with long-lasting pen battery or an ultra sleek vape device to go with.

◊ Quantity – The kind of material capacity a vaping pen can hold and is it leak proof or not?

◊ Feedback – Does the pen you intend to buy has garnered many rave reviews or it is just a face in the crowd kind of pen?

◊ Price – Is it competitively priced or over the top for the features it offers?

◊ Customer Support – Does the company provide effective and quick customer support? What is the normal shipping period? How long does it take for them to replace any damaged parts if any?

◊ Portable – Does the pen has lightning charge support and USB charging facility?

We have covered just some of the basic criteria that should be considered before investing your time and money in getting a brand new Vape Pen.

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