Best Running Shoes: Top 10 Cutting Edge Models

Running Shoes

From the winding mountain roads to the sandy beaches, finding a suitable pair of best running shoes can be a lot tougher than finishing a cross-country race.

Certainly, many fitness enthusiasts would agree with me that there is nothing called as one-size-for-all or a perfect pair of running shoes.Bear in mind, unless and until you choose the correct pair of running shoes, running can definitely turn out to be perilous.

The only ultimate criteria to bear in mind is the comfort level that your shoe can offer.


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How to select your perfect running shoe?

For runners, both amateurs and professionals alike, selecting a nice pair of running shoes can quickly turn into a nightmare if proper attention is not paid to minute details.

Gait Test  This test will help you to correct any amount of over-pronation, over shock-absorption and provides timely support for supinators too.

The right visual analysis of the runner’s footstrike is the first step in finding the correct pair of running shoes.

Minimal Trend  Before directly switching over to minimal running shoes, it is worth taking the advice of a qualified professional trainer to avoid serious injuries.The key is listening to one’s body before taking the plunge.

Right Feel  What kind of running shoes are you looking for? Are you looking for a traditional soft cushioned running shoe or an advanced trail running shoe for stability?

Correct Size  Choosing the shoe with the right toe box design will go a long way in your running calendar.Act wisely and choose with care.

Comfort  More the comfort, better the fit.Take a short test run inside the store before buying.

Replacement rule  It is advisable to replace worn out shoes as soon as possible.Replacing your shoes once every 400 miles is a good idea keeping in mind the running surface.

The ranking metrics used in this exercise are the comfort level each and every shoe provides at the end and at the beginning, its ability or capacity to handle daily running abuse, amount of power per step, decent look to name a few.

1. Adidas Ultra Boost-Unisex

Type – Road
Price – USD  180  onwards (approx.)
Where to shop – Amazon, Adidas

Securely built for runners, the new ultra-sleek Adidas Ultra BOOST has been made with Parley Ocean Material(Plastic).The foam boost offers top class energy return.Mainly available in Core Blue,  Blue Unity and Legend Blue, this shoe is built using “Torsion System “ that provides stable ride with every run.

For a strong grip in dry and wet conditions, continental outsole rubber has been carefully designed to perfection. STRETCHWEB technology helps in to maintain energized run speed.


  • Cushioning very responsive
  • Sleeved upper plush in nature
  • Primeknit works well
  • Sound Boost foam performance


  • Durability of outsole not up to the mark
  • Midfoot plastic cage can induce foot problems

The cost of buying the Ultra Boost is pretty high and that is quite abnormal for those seeking budget running shoes. Definitely better than the previous Energy Boost version, for this price a truly exceptional product is not to be found.

2. New Balance Zante V3 Fresh Foam

Type – Road
Price – USD 59 onwards (approx.)
Where to shop – Amazon, New Balance

The urge to run fast will never fade.Built for top class performance and speed, this shoe features no-sew application and durable toe spring for running.

In addition, the solid and lightweight rubber sole provides rock-solid comfort cushioning that is designed to last every mile.


  • Drop variation is fixed at 6mm
  • Rubber outsole-blown
  • Construction type-bootie
  • Mesh engineered to perfection
  • Sew material absent
  • Mesh upper/synthetic


  • Cushioning quite firm
  • Midsole waist narrow
  • Thick lace area

Irrespective of upgrades, Zante core has not been modified offering a splendid running experience. If dusk or dawn running is your preferred choice, then Zante V3 is your right choice.

3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

Type – Road
Price – USD 70 onwards (approx.)
Where to buy – Amazon, Brooks Running

This is Brooks flagship reliable shoe with “Go To Shoe-GTS” tag. A fine shoe for those battling over-pronation and it is also incredibly fast.

As far as price is concerned, it is not a cheap running shoe but for the features, it is rightly priced.The yellow colorway and electric blue were normal yet strikingly beautiful. The ride is smooth, and the landing is effortlessly cool.

The seamless mesh on the upper gives this shoe a distinct feel.It breathes well and is equally easy to wear.


  • Nice all round stability with quality intact
  • Promotes good speed in spite of the weight
  • Modest updates


  • Cumbersome lacing
  • Extra eyelet feels unnecessary

To conclude, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is a top performer in terms of stability and is truly a shoe for all seasons.

4. Saucony Kinvara 8

Type – Road /Track
Price – USD 98 onwards (approx.)
Where to buy – Saucony, Amazon               

Saucony’s latest Kinvara is a no-nonsense lightweight shoe that is suitable for all types of run.Saucony’s Kinvara 8 is almost similar to its previous Kinvara 7 and retains its signature changes in the midsole, upper and outsole that was present in the old version.

Moreover, the subtle touches in Kinvara 8 are its soft ride and toe-box width.Can be aptly called as Saucony’s ultra-tech shoe to date.


  • Lightweight
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Responsive


  • Cheap, flimsy and thin laces
  • Pro-lock technology-mid foot

It is definitely praiseworthy to mention that this Saucony Kinvara 8 continues to encourage runners across different age groups to take up the art of long-distance running and is absolutely great.

5. Brooks Pure Flow 6

Type – Road
Price – USD 100-159 (approx.)
Where to shop – Brooks running, Amazon

This ultra-light, fast and sleek shoe is an all-around performer that will suit most of the runners.Brooks PureFlow 6 has a very minimum discrepancy of just 4 mm between the toe and heel, claiming to be a minimal running shoe.

With DNA Lt sole, the cushioning offered by this shoe is top class.


  • Dreamlike running experience
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Comfortable cushioning underfoot
  • Pleasing visual aesthetics
  • Solid outsole’s capability to grip
  • Positive user feedback
  • Toe box width most welcomed


  • Upper portion not as breathable as expected
  • Size much smaller than the previous model
  • Optional width option is not available

6. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

Type – Road
Price – USD 77 to 235 (approx.)
Where to shop – Amazon

One of the top standing shoes for quite some time, the amazing quality of this running shoe is that it keeps improving with every version.

Mainly built for experienced and beginner runners, the Nike Pegasus 34 Air Zoom is made with the latest, updated, Flymesh material that prevents heat from building up. Specially designed rubber soles for absorbing impact accompanied with Air units that deliver excellent cushioning.

Astoundingly strong cables, Flywire, works effectively to provide snug support, making sure that the shoe remains in place as the runner moves.


  • Mind-blowing training shoe
  • Comfortable and light
  • Rubber section raised for good traction
  • Foam cushion and Air Zoom units for trouble-free running


  • More suited for fast runners
  • Quite expensive

Overall, a durable, reliable shoe that cannot go wrong.

7. Asics DynaFlyte

Type – Road and Urban trials

Price – USD  67 onwards (approx.)

Where to shop – Amazon, Asics

The Asics Dyna Flyte is a shoe that unassumingly solves the cushioning versus weight dilemma.This super light shoe is designed to provide excellent cushioning and will help to run faster.

The Asics currently employs FlyteFoam technology that has been severely tested in more than 300 iterations before releasing this model.Light and impact-absorbent, the foam meets every user requirement.

Asics prepares nice durable uppers.The upper and tongue are so well made that they do not change position while running.


  • Ideal weight less than 300g
  • Super comfortable upper part
  • Brilliant heal stabilization
  • Arc support –Stiff and firm
  • Top choice for wide feet people


  • Not suitable for casual outings
  • Lacing system needs improvement
  • After prolonged use, the shoe tends to get warm

Frankly, Asics has created a well-crafted shock absorbing lightweight shoe for those looking for long distance runs along with good running speed.

8. Altra Escalante

Type – Road /Race shoe
Price – USD 129 onwards (approx.)
Where to buy – Altra Running, Amazon

Introducing this Altra Ego Escalante is a dream shoe built for aesthetic shoe lovers.With the Zero Drop technology in place, it actually encourages to place your forefoot and heal at an optimum distance to enable low-impact, natural running all through the run.

The “FootShape” actually gives the toes more freedom and the toe box is their specialty.

Many runners believe that Escalante is Altra’s best shoe till date and there are enough reasons to justify that opinion.


  • FootPod latest technology
  • Ample color choices
  • Midsole Altra EGO
  • Nice comfort
  • Upper sock adjustment type


  • Expensive
  • Shoelace
  • Reinforced buttress absent

Ultimately, this Altra is competition designed and a fine example of sleek running shoes.The first from Altra that features knit upper, makes this an outstanding pair of responsive and comfort fit shoes.

9. Hoka One One Speed Instinct 2

Type – Trail
Price – USD 107 onwards (approx.)
Where to buy – Hoka On0e One, Amazon  

Equipped with PRO 2 Lite, Hoka One One Speed Instinct 2 offers excellent responsive forefoot and cushioned heel. A comfortable shoe for pavement runs, Speed Instinct 2 is the perfect choice for new entrants in trail running category.

This shoe is a true winner on various surfaces including trails, treadmills, and asphalt.The Hoka One  One Speed Instinct 2 offers a nice, comfortable fit which can be called as snug.

The Hoka Speed Instinct 2 promises to offer stability and delivers on that front without any disappointments.


  • Best long run recovery rate
  • Superfine traction and grip
  • Lightweight design
  • Abundant cushioning in the forefoot, mid and heal.


  • Snug fit and thin socks is a must
  • Premium priced
  • Visually O.K, could have been better

An excellent pair of running shoes that can handle severe run abuse for over a long period of time.A toughie from Hoka One One, Speed Instinct 2 is purpose-built trail running shoe.

10. Puma Ignite XT

Type – Training
Price – USD 44 onwards (approx.)
Where to buy – Puma, Amazon

Mainly engineered for running cross-country races, Puma Ignite XT encourages runners to not only maximize their workouts but also their energy.

Puma Ignite Xt is totally packed with astounding performance-boosting features. Ignite XT is crafted for excellence providing solid energy return, optimal responsiveness, and flex grooves for multi-directional agility and movement.


  • Good transition and cadence
  • Affordable price
  • Forefoot provides more room
  • Solid midsole for overall nice performance
  • Night reflector


  • Stiff upper
  • Tongue slide; not impressive
  • Collar lining very basic
  • Synthetic suede tongue may not be liked by all

We all are aware that Puma has a rich legacy to create stunning running shoes and Ignite XT is a good product.

Not a show stopper in every sense, Puma Ignite XT is a cute addition to its impressive line of running shoes and for this price, it is a steal big time.

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