Benefits Of Garlic – Weapon Against Intestinal Disorders, Lung Infection & Stomach Cancer


Mainly cherished in the Arab World for its countless medicinal properties, garlic is popularly designated as “The Stinking Rose”. Moreover, garlic resembles the onion in appearance with a bulbous root. On the other hand, garlic contains an unavoidable pungent smell.

Furthermore, garlic finds its name in historical documents that are more than 5000 years old. At present, America, Spain, India, South Korea, and China are leading producers in garlic cultivation. Garlic, not only lends a brilliant taste to foods, it asserts various legitimate advantages for various maladies.

In essence, fresh garlic offers many nutritional advantages over dried, refrigerated, or minced garlic.

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Medicinal Properties Of Garlic


  • Garlic acts as a natural blood purifier. Moreover, it enhances the skin texture and tackles the main issue of acne.
  • Raw garlic helps fight lung infection.
  • Allicin, a chemical found in chewed, crushed, or fresh garlic acts as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.
  • Garlic enhances the immunity levels against cold and prevents cardiovascular problems by clearing clogged arteries.
  • On the other hand, several studies indicate the importance of garlic in preventing colorectal and stomach cancers. For this reason, daily consumption of garlic is advised.
  • Interestingly, garlic safeguards the skin against free-radicals and slows the reduction of collagen. Moreover, collagen plays a major role in reducing the elasticity of the skin in
  • Allicin, found in garlic, helps fight thrombosis by controlling platelet buildup.
  • Garlic contains nutrients such as vitamin C, quercetin, and selenium which controls swelling and eye infections.
  • In addition, garlic contains certain aphrodisiac properties that increase the libido levels of individuals. Thereby, it acts as a good sexual rejuvenator.
  • In essence, garlic controls many intestinal problems such as colitis, diarrhea, and dysentery.
  • In conclusion, regular intake of garlic prevents the onslaught of diabetes.
  • Garlic prevents gas formation in the stomach. Eating 2 or 3 garlic cloves daily helps prevent gas trouble.
  • For breastfeeding mothers, garlic performs like a galactagogue increasing breast milk production.

Dangers Of Garlic


  • Even though garlic is rich in several antioxidants, garlic can affect the liver if taken in abnormal quantities.
  • In certain cases, garlic can cause heartburn, vomiting, and nausea if taken on an empty stomach.
  • As per reports, garlic contains certain chemicals that can lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease or GRD.
  • As a matter of fact, garlic boosts the prospect of bleeding. Therefore, people consuming blood-thinning medications such as aspirin, clopidogrel, and warfarin should consult a doctor beforehand.
  • In addition, garlic induces sweating in certain cases.
  • Moreover, at times, garlic might lower the blood pressure levels well beyond the safe mark.
  • Alliin lyase, an enzyme present in garlic can cause skin irritation. Avoid excessive intake of garlic.
  • Abnormal intake of garlic leads to a bleeding (internal eye) condition called hyphema.

Health Recipes And Tips - Garlic

Garlic Honey



  • The required amount of garlic (full bulbs) peeled and chopped


  • Put the chopped cloves in a clean jar.
  • Next, fill the jar with honey. Be patient as it takes time for the honey to fill the bottle.
  • Then, close the jar, date, and label the jar.
  • Finally, store the jar in a safe place and consume it.
  • Garlic honey shelf life is around 3 months

Health Benefits

  • Consume a spoonful or mix it with tea to tackle a sore throat, cold, or cough.

How Do You Treat Ear Pain With Raw Garlic?


Items Required

Cotton and Garlic


  • First, crush one garlic clove using a pestle.
  • Then, take some cotton and place the cloves and wrap it into a ball.
  • Now, slowly insert this garlic ball into the ear that is causing trouble.
  • Wait for 15 minutes and remove the cotton ball.
  • Feel the improvement

How Do You Treat Ear Pain With Garlic Oil?



  • First, heat at least 5-6 cloves of garlic in coconut or mustard oil.
  • Keep the oil on fire till it turns red.
  • Finally, remove the mixture from heat and allow it to cool.
  • Now, using a filler apply few drops and relieve yourself from ear pain.

Health Benefits

  • In some cases, unbearable pain mainly occurs because of inflammation.
  • People suffer from ear inflammation due to the wrong discharge of wax or fluid from the ear or from the common cold.

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