Benefits of Aerial Yoga [Top 10] and Anti-Gravity Fitness

Areal Yoga

Youngsters and adults who learn and practice yoga through trained masters can stay flexible round the clock. Practicing yoga will help to burn excess weight quickly because living with overweight and obesity is dangerous and harmful. Individuals who practice Aerial yoga poses, breathing techniques, and mantra techniques can stay away from several major diseases. They can lead a healthy life forever. There are simple as well as complicated yoga poses. One who learns yoga from trained masters will become strong, obedient, disciplined and straightforward.

This yoga disciplines the mind and the body to a great extent and drives away excess fat from the body. It is worth to note that Aerial Yoga cures lots of psychological blocks and rejuvenates the mind immediately. Aerial yoga is becoming hot topic in New York and other parts of the world. These poses are prescribed for people suffering from various minor ailments.

Anyone irrespective of age and gender can practice Anti-gravity yoga or aerial yoga which has simplified yoga poses to a great extent.

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What is Aerial Yoga and Who Invented?

What is Aerial yoga?

Individuals can practice intense workouts, weightlifting, power-lifting and other forms of strenuous exercises when they are free from injuries and diseases.  To be precise, commoners who suffer from back pain, headaches, and sports injuries must avoid doing them. Aerial yoga is ideal for those suffering from minor injuries, back pain, hip pain, migraines, and headaches.

History of Aerial yoga

Anti-gravity or Aerial Yoga was invented by Christopher Harrison a former gymnast, Broadway choreographer, and fitness freak. This form of yoga poses combines traditional yoga, pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics in hammock apparatus. The hammock is nothing but a comfortable bed made of canvas or rope mesh suspended from two supports by cords at both ends. These high-density nylons can support up to 2000 pounds weight easily.

Aerial yoga practitioners should first sit comfortably in the hammock. Practicing various traditional yoga poses under an expert supervision is advised. The nylon-made hammock will support the back and the body wonderfully when a person practices yoga poses.

Anti Gravity Yoga

Aerial Yoga is also called anti-gravity yoga since students who practice yoga poses will use the hammock for support.

The rig consists of

  • chains
  • strap
  • hammock
  • carabiners

Two support chains will hang from the ceiling and the hammock is connected to it. The user can adjust the hammock according to his weight and height and sit in it comfortably like sitting in a baby cradle.

It is imperative to note that Anti Gravity Yoga is not scientifically. But people who practice these yoga poses are happy with the benefits and are recommending Anti Gravity Yoga to others. Students will stretch their whole body sitting comfortably on the hammock and improve their body’s flexibility. The yoga instructor will teach various time-tested yoga poses which will be dealt later in this article.

Fly with Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga which is gaining wide popularity and momentum was invented a decade back. Students will learn the art of flying while sitting in the hammock and doing spine decompression exercises and other muscle strengthening poses. Individuals who practice Cirque du Soleil–style will feel like flying off the ground and floating in the air for a while.

This exercise is done for strengthening the back and spine. There are tons of yoga studios and schools which teach Aerial yoga to the students. Students should find out the best yoga master who teaches different types of yoga poses and learn from them.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga and Aerial Yoga for Weight Loss

Aerial yoga has lots of therapeutic values. Several physicians direct patients suffering from pain and aches to Aerial Yoga classes.

  • Individuals who are unable to maintain height-weight proportions will lose maximum weight when they practice yoga.
  • Yoga Practitioners have to pull down the hammock before sitting which improves the arm strength to a great extent. Researchers state that people who practice traditional yoga will not be able to strengthen arm quickly.
  • Students who sit on the hammock and do anti-gravity exercises will benefit a lot. They can easily strengthen their spine, buttock muscles, calf muscles and other important muscles in the body.
  • Performing yoga using hammock will improve one’s strength and agility.
  • Aerial yoga improves psychological, physical and spiritual health to a great extent.

Aerial Yoga at Home

Practicing Aerial Yoga inside the home is always a better option since the student will have more time and space. They can focus properly on all the exercises and do it passionately for hours. Hammock yoga helps to alleviate lumbar and back pain troubles. Different types of poses offer different benefits and some of the common benefits are it improve muscles and bone strength.

Must Do’s While Practicing Aerial Yoga:

  • Buy high-quality swings which are also called as hammock from reputed companies
  • Install them in the spacious rooms
  • People who buy hammock should tie it properly and sit for awhile before practicing yoga
  • It should be tied in such a way that a person who is planning to do yoga should easily and comfortably sit on it

Homemakers or family members can do Aerial Yoga daily or during the weekends and improve their flexibility.


Tie the hammock few inches above the floor to avoid possible injuries. Slipping from the hammock is the commonest problem. However, till date, no one has suffered major injuries falling from the hammock. But as a matter of precaution, the performer should tie the hammock properly according to prescribed norms. People who buy hammock can start with simple sling exercises and move on to more complicated ones.

Pros & Cons of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a powerful exercise which cures various diseases and strengthens the muscle and bones. People who are focusing on strengthening their hips, arms and legs can try some of the related poses.

Anti-gravity yoga is gaining more popularity in recent times and learning it from qualified certified masters with experience is recommended.

Now, these poses are extremely popular within and outside the country. Youths and adults who are desirous to perform yoga should first understand the pros and cons of doing these sling exercises.


  • Anyone irrespective of age and gender can sit comfortably without straining their back on the hammock and do exercises quickly.
  • The whole body including the spine will gain immense strength with regular yoga practice.
  • Anti-gravity yoga can be practiced both in the fitness studio and also in the home.
  • Individuals have to buy and install the only hammock for doing these wonderful exercises.
  • Students will feel a sensation of lightness, flying and great fun.
  • Inversion exercises when properly practiced improves blood flow to the brain. As a result, pituitary, and thyroid glands function well.
  • Guys who are suffering from chronic back pain will see immediately result when they do these wonderful exercises.


  • People suffering from these health issues must avoid practicing Aerial yoga without expert supervision
    • Arthritis
    • Diabetes
    • Heart diseases
    • Extreme fatigue
    • Dizziness
    • Anemia
  • Persons suffering from all-types-of phobia must avoid inversion and other complicated poses.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should stay away from these exercises

Practitioners will experience a floating sensation while doing stretching and inversion exercises. Aerial yoga acts as good stress buster creating positive vibes. Anti-gravity or Aerial yoga is a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.

Aerial Yoga Poses

Aerial Yoga is beneficial for those who are suffering from pain, obesity, stress, anger and other minor ailments. If you suffer from major health issues like heart ailments kindly avoid practicing it. Individuals can learn all the yoga moves from a trained instructor and burn fat instantly. Like other fitness regimes yoga too have exercises like wake up, stand up, push-ups, warm up, upper body and pull up exercises.

Top ten benefits of doing Aerial yoga are improved concentration, blood circulation, pituitary, thyroid, heart, spine, brain, hip, legs and upper body functions. Individuals practising yoga can stay fit for years without falling prey to diseases.

Some of the best yoga poses are as follows:

  • Aerial lunges – In this position, the student should place one of the legs of the U shaped swing and shake the leg without moving the other one.
  • High lunges –The student should stretch the left leg backside and keep the left toes tucked under and exhale the air completely.
  • Ardha Navasana – Return both feet to the floor and stand in the center of the mat in front of the hammock.

Aerial Yoga Results - Before & After

Students who are trained under the auspices of the experienced yoga masters will see lots of good results within a short period of time. New entrants to aerial yoga can check with previous batch students and then decide accordingly.

Hammock yoga addresses several issues such as balance and fatigue, stress, and spine troubles. There are lots of pictures which will throw a light on the importance of doing hammock exercises. Persons with poor reflex and flexibility will now turn strong and extremely flexible.

Students who practice Aerial Yoga can enjoy flexibility in their muscles, arms, shoulders, and legs. Individuals who suffered from severe back and spine problems are feeling happy after doing these exercises. Guys who suffered from stress and anxiety are happy and stress-free after doing these wonderful yoga poses. Girls who suffered from poor thyroid functions are seeing best results after doing these poses. Keep in mind the benefits of practicing yoga and then decide.

Aerial Yoga Apps

Online giants including Apple store, Netflix, and Amazon offers various apps for yoga enthusiasts. They can also watch videos on youtube, apple tv, and other social media channels and learn all the poses at home. Accessing yoga content from reputed online websites can help to improve one’s physique and stamina.

Aerial Yoga Success Stories

Hammock yoga is gaining more popularity with every progressing day worldwide. Students who are regularly practicing Aerial yoga are happy with the results. They are keen to share their success stories. These success stories which are shared on popular sites are reliable and honest information. Even celebrities, models, actors, commoners and other practitioners are already vouching for its success.

Children, adults, mid-aged people, obese individuals and others have shared their views about Aerial Yoga which are worth reading.  Aerial yoga and hammock yoga is the latest happening yoga training programs.

Most Popular Aerial Yoga Products/Essentials

Yoga beginners must always start with simple yoga props. Some of them are pole and books, rigging, ropes, straps, and aerial silks. These products are available in reputed online sites – aerial essentials, Tbuy, and Amazon at discounted prices.

Before buying precautions:

It is advisable to check out –

  • Yoga videos
  • Prices
  • Compare and explore terms and conditions, return policy and other details before buying hammock products.

Aerial Yoga Food

Aerobic experts, gymnasts, sports personalities, and others who do aerial yoga should avoid eating

  • Hamburgers
  • Pizzas
  • Pastries
  • Baked items
  • Liquors
  • Foods that are rich in fat and oil

It is recommended to consume

  • Gluten-free food items
  • Organic power juice
  • Protein shake
  • Follow the food list that is provided by the yoga institute.

Students should follow the workout plan and chart and burn fats naturally.

They should stick to proper diets and drinks and never touch foods that are bad for health. It is better to avoid binge eating and eating more than the required amount of foods. There are studios which conduct classes at standard costs and fees and provide comprehensive coaching to the students.

Aerial Yoga Classes in USA

Many reputed yoga institutes offer comprehensive training sessions for both men and women. There are tons of training institutes which imparts power-packed Aerial Yoga to the students.

Some of the best ones are:

  1. Unnata Aerial Yoga
    163 Bleecker St,
    New York,
    NY 10012,
    Business timing: 7.30 AM – 9 PM
    Phone: +1 212-533-9
  2. Aircat Aerial Arts
    4747 26th St,
    CO 80301,
    Phone: +1 303-442-1288
  3. Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity® LAB
    265 W 37th St #1100,
    New York,
    NY 10018,
    Business timing: 11AM–8PM
    Phone: +1 212-279-0790

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