Acupuncture For Hair Loss & Hair Damage Treatment

Acupuncture For Hair Loss And Hair Damage
Acupuncture For Hair Loss And Hair Damage

Acupuncture is a well-intentioned treatment method for hair damage. For the past two decades, acupuncture for hair loss has been gradually gaining prominence worldwide. Presently, acupuncture is accepted globally by a majority of the masses as an effective treatment for hair loss along with other natural treatment methods.
Let us learn about the causes of hair damage, acupuncture and other effective treatments for hair loss.

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Causes of Hair Loss

There are various reasons for hair loss such as:

1. Imbalance of the hormones

High level of 5a reductase on the scalp within the hair follicles is a major reason for hair loss, especially in men.

2. Hereditary Reason 


Excessive hair loss resulting in baldness is widely noticeable on a global scale. This is attributable to heredity factor i.e. the problem of hair fall resulting in baldness might have been running in the respective previous generations of various families. For example, in a family, if the grandfather and father get bald at a very young age due to heavy hair loss then the son will face the same problem.

3. Emotional Stress


Stress attacks on a regular basis will result in an inflammation feeling on the scalp ultimately causing hair loss.

4. Nutrition-related deficiencies 


Deficiencies in Vitamin A and Vitamin C and some proteins in the body like amino acids cause hair loss in both men and women.

5. Anaemia


Iron deficiency in the body causes anaemia. Anaemia can very much spoil the growth of hair in a person. This deficiency is largely noticeable amongst women.

6. Hypothyroidism 


Poor functioning of the thyroid also causes hair loss. Thyroid involves in controlling the metabolic functioning of a human body and generates the required energy for the body’s cells.

7. Autoimmune disorder

Hyperactive working of the immune system will cause hair loss. Since the immune system thinks that the hair is a foreign object in the body, hair loss deficiency arises.

8. Chemotherapy 


This is a method used for cancer treatment where the intensity of the utilized drugs can lead to considerable loss of hair. While destroying the speedily multiplying cancer cells, this treatment can also damage the hair cells.

9. Toxic Chemicals In Hair Care Products 


The shampoos, hair dyes, hair care mistakes, and styling products used for hair might have powerful toxins that can harm your hair causing hair loss.

10. Scalp Infection 


Infection due to ringworm bites and alopecia will result in damage to the hair and skin of the scalp. This leads to problems like hair loss and formation of patches on the scalp.

11. Excessive Hairstyling 

Applying too much of pressure on the hair to get a different hairstyle/s, like for example setting ponytails will weaken the hair roots. Automatically, hair fall or loss will happen shortly. 

12. Ageing

This is a naturally happening cause and it is quite known for all

Treatment Methods For Hair Loss

♦ Acupuncture For Hair Loss


Under non-surgical methods, acupuncture is a traditional time-tested method. It can be called as a traditional method that is becoming trendy in this modern world.

According to some research findings, Acupuncture is a highly successful method of treating hair loss.  It is found to be valuable in promoting hair regrowth and lessens hair loss. Acupuncture for hair loss can be done in a tailor-made fashion i.e. in line with the patient’s desires and requirements.

Acupuncture means the insertion of small needles at various acupuncture points on the body. This treatment is given to people with hair loss problems, only after study of the cause/s. Topical ointments with essential hair oils or herbal formulas are also used for application on the scalp. The needles will be punctured into vital points of the patient’s head for enhancing blood circulation and energy distribution. It stimulates your hair follicles, some nerves and blood vessels of the head.

Since acupuncture treatment takes reasonable time for curing hair loss, one must not expect quick miraculous results.

♦ Other non-surgical treatments



Medications can help in minimizing loss of hair and make the scalp pave the way for new hair to grow. Finasteride and Rogaine (spray form) are generally recommended medicines to treat hair loss, mainly caused by hereditary factors. In addition, Corticosteroid injections, ointments and creams are prescribed to stop the immune system from attacking hair follicles and causing hair loss.

Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy 


It is a hair restoration technique where a thin needle is used for inserting the platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. The blood flow and the growth in blood cells will function accordingly in naturally inducing hair growth.

Supportive treatment in the form of nutritional supplements, shampoos and lotions

♦ Surgical Treatment

Hair Transplant


Hair transplant involves the removal of hairs from the back of the head and placed in areas which are bald.

Rotational Flap Surgery 

In rotational flap surgery, the tissues present at the back of a person’s head will be rotated and they come to the front side of the head.

Scalp Reduction


The bald patches on the scalp are only cut off and also the normal areas in the scalp portion of the head are sewed together

Tissue Expansion 


It is a treatment that is rarely performed on people who experience hair baldness due to injury or burnt skin.

Hair Cloning 


This is an advanced method and it is also called hair multiplication method where the current hair follicles are utilized for cloning.

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