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Chris Pine
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Chris Pine – 10 Facts You Probably Missed About The “Star Trek” Actor

Youngest Captain Kirk actor Chris Pine has been in the limelight for almost 12 years since his debut in ER in 2003. He has been busy making women and also men swoon for little over a decade.

However, but chances are you definitely don’t know all these interesting facts about “Star Trek Beyond” actor Chris Pine. Take a look at these 10 Chris Pine facts and decide whether a diehard fan like you know this information or not.

1. A Real Singer (Chris Pine’s School Closures)




Apart from being a professional actor, he’s a talented singer. Yeah, many good actors express their desire to sing but in reality, oh God, you will probably rush to get your earbuds on.

Not to mention, that’s not going to happen with our Star Trek actor “Chris Pine”. Well, have you watched Chris Pine on Jimmy Kimmel Live belting out the funny “schools are closed” song?

2. Born in California but Studied in England




Being a native of Southern California; he studied at the UC Berkley for his English degree. Later, as an exchange student in UK’s Leeds University for over year, he also underwent acting training in the UK.

That’s right- Chris took an acting course at the Leeds University in England. In case, if you are confused regarding his ability to pick up different dialects, he may have got it from his England stint.

3. His “Avatar” audition bombed




Before he struck gold with the Captain Kirk role, Chris failed the audition for an important role in James Cameron’s Avatar. Moreover, he recalled that it was not his best effort at the audition.

But, in the end, Avatar’s loss pushed him up the career ladder and he showed that he’s not a pushover.

4. Avoid social media




Right from your Grandpa to Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, social media is full of different personalities. In fact, Pine has avoided using social media.

Undoubtedly, it’s very healthy to see a star like Chris Pine refrain from using the social media. Moreover, he loves talking trash and plus his nutty fans are always eager to hear what he’s up to.

5. Leave my eyebrows alone




Although Chris Pine has earned a reputation for baby blues and also for his screen presence. But, when he began his acting career, there were many who complained about his looks, his eyebrows in particular.

In an interview, Chris said, “ When I first began my career, there were those who thought they were all over the place. Some plucked them and some even dyed them. But not now, I won’t allow them to touch it anymore.

6. He believes in the Hindu concept of “Karma”

It’s definitely no surprise to see Chris in the movie “Just My Luck”, a one that talks about Karma. In fact, he starred in this movie along with the gorgeously talented Lindsay Lohan.

According to Chris, “ I certainly believe in fate and luck and I also love the concept of Karma, that whatever energy you discharge it comes back to you in any form later.” He further added, “ I’m agnostic and not that much religious by nature”.

7. The Self-talker Chris Pine

Young kids do it naturally, but it can relieve stress for adults too. Many think that talking to yourself looks insane and only small children do, but experts say that it’s perfectly good and normal for all age groups.

Chris Pine does engage in self-talking pretty often and that too quite loud.

8. Paid fine for Drunk Driving




In 2014, while shooting for the movie ‘Z for Zachariah’, Pine failed the regular breath test. Then, he pleaded guilty and argued that he only drank four vodkas.

However, the New Zealand authorities did not buy this argument and his license was cancelled for a period of six months.

9. Loves Women Shoes




He has developed a passion for shoes. In an interview, he remarked about his admiration for women’s shoes, stating, “Not just to wear. Even to look at.”

Moreover, a nice pair of shoes on a stunning woman is itself a sight to watch out for.

10. Pine hates spiders




Pine opened about something else other than his fear of darkness. He clarified, “I hate spiders.” He rated the movie ‘Arachnophobia’ as one of the worst movies he has ever seen so far.