Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood – From Recovery To “Cry Pretty”

Some five months ago, gorgeous singer Carrie Underwood fell and broke her wrist at her home; ended up receiving 50 stitches. OMG! Yeah baby, in her face.

Moreover, Carrie didn’t reveal the full extent of her facial injuries while she remained out of the limelight, only sharing feel-good photos. And, when Carrie finally revealed her face, she did hide most of her face, keeping her fans guessing.

At present, Carrie Underwood is set to rock the stage coming this Sunday at the Country Music Awards (53rd to be precise). By the by, all her fans are expecting her new number “Cry Pretty” which she debuts at the awards show on Sunday.

Without wasting much time, let’s unravel Carrie’s journey from her painful fall to her sensational recovery.

1. 10/11/2017 – The Most Horrible Day In Carrie Underwood’s Life

A couple of days after the CMA Awards, 35-year-old Carrie Underwood fell at her home in Tennessee. In fact, she harbored multiple injuries. When the news broke out, she had suffered a broken wrist and also received around 50 stitches for facial injuries.

2. News Made Public – 12/11/2017


As per reports, Carrie Underwood was released the next day after treatment and she took to Twitter.

She wholeheartedly thanked her fans for their tremendous support and love. Moreover, Carrie also thanked her husband for looking after her in the hospital.

Also, she had to stay away from performing on the 12th Nov 2017 at the Rising Festival because of her injuries.

3. The First Health Bulletin-15/11/2017

On 15th Nov, Carrie disclosed her surgery details and also informed her fans on Twitter about her health in general.

4. Carrie Underwood Wins Recuperating From Her Injuries – 20/11/2017

This awe-inspiring country singer won the award for “Female Country Singer-Favorite” in absentia at the AMA Awards but did not collect her award in person.

As usual, Carrie reached out and greeted those who made it happen on her Instagram page.

5. First Picture After Surgery – 27/12/2017


Carrie posted on Instagram her first picture after the fall but she hid most part of her face with a scarf, leaving out the eyes.

6. Carrie Underwood Interview – 1/1/2018

Almost, 60 days after her terrible accident, Carrie opened up about her fall in an open letter addressed to her fans. Notably, she revealed the extent of her injuries for the first time.

7. Carrie’s Instagram – I’m Not Alone – 19/01/2018


Carrie, on her Instagram, shared an x-ray picture of her wrist. From the outset, it appeared as if the surgeon had fixed her wrist using a titanium plate which required multiple screws.

8. One More Selfie – 23/02/2018


Carrie shared another snap of her and her husband at this time, but a large X-shaped red mark covered her face partially.

9. My Place – 4/04/2018


In this snapshot, Carrie posted a black & white captionless picture of her sitting inside the recording studio. Overall, even though her complete face was missing in the photo, Carrie looked stunning.

10. Rehearsal Time – 6/04/2018

This time, the singer reunited with her team and posted a snap giving a sneak peek into her rehearsal session.

To sum up, her full face was visible but only from a distance.

11. Carrie Underwood Direct From Her Heart – 10/04/2018 (Open Letter)

In this open letter, Carrie shared a positive health update and said she is happy with how things are going on. In addition, she informed her fans that her wrist is almost fully healed and said her face looks much better now.

Moreover, she went on to talk about her forced break and how she felt happy to spend quality time with Isaiah, her son.

Finally, Carrie revealed that her new song “Cry Pretty” will be part of a new album which she might release soon.

12. Crying Pretty – 11/04/2018

Carrie dropped her new song “Cry Pretty” and mentioned that the song reflected some of her intimate personal experiences.

In essence, Underwood delighted her fans with a message saying she will live debut “Cry Pretty” at the upcoming Country Music Awards.

For, the award show was aired live from the MGM Grand Arena located in Los Angeles on 15th April at 8 p.m.